Cedar Creek Middle School

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Campus Counselors

Maria Marquez
  • MMarquez has been with CCMS since 2012.
    • A former Bastrop High School graduate, Maria has served both as an ESL Teacher and Campus ESL Coordinator for Taylor ISD from 2010 -2012. 
    • Marquez is a graduate from Texas State with a Bachelors in Spanish and a Master’s Degree from Angleo State in Counseling. 
Click Here to Email Mrs.Marquez at mmarquez@bisdtx.org
Erin Munoz.
  • EMunoz has worked at CCMS for forever, almost a staple of the foundation.
  • She has, and continues to be integral in Curriculum at CCMS. Having taught Mathematics since the dawn of Socrates to students such as Pythagorus, Euclides, Newton, and Einstein.
  • She has degrees from the following Schools:
  • Prescott College ~ Bachelor of Arts in Human DevelopmentAlaska Pacific University ~ Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology
    Kentucky Christian University ~ Bachelor of Science in Counseling PsychologyCoker College ~ Bachelor of Psychology – Counseling ConcentrationKansas Wesleyan University ~ Bachelor of Arts in Psychological ServicesNorth Central University ~ Bachelor of Arts in Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Bachelor of Science in Alcohol and Drug CounselingArizona Christian University ~ Bachelor of Behavioral HealthToccoa Falls College ~ Bachelor of Counseling PsychologyViterbo University ~ Bachelor in Psychology – Substance Abuse CounselingPoint University ~ Bachelor of Arts in Counseling and Human ServicesBachelor of Science in Counseling and Human ServicesBaptist Bible College & Seminary of Pennsylvania ~ Bachelor of Science in Counseling
    Alvernia University ~ Bachelor of Behavioral Health
    Grace University ~ Bachelor of Science in Psychology
    Wheelock College ~ Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Human Development, Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Development
    University of Maine at Farmington ~ Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Services
    Maryville College ~ Bachelor of Psychology- Counseling Track
     William Jessup University ~ Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Counseling Concentration,Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Community Mental Health Concentration
    Delaware Valley College ~ Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology
    Johnson University ~ Bachelor of Arts in Human Services, Bachelor of Science in Human Services
    Emmanuel College ~ Bachelor of Psychology: Counseling and Health Psychology
    Morningside College ~ Bachelor of Psychology
    Mid-Atlantic Christian University ~ Bachelor of Arts Counseling and Psychology, Bachelor of Science Counseling and Psychology
    Doane College-Crete ~ Bachelor of Psychology – Mental Health
    Grace College and Theological Seminary ~ Bachelor of Arts in Counseling, Bachelor of Science in Counseling
    Emmaus Bible College ~ Bachelor of Science in Bible/Theology & Counseling Psychology, Bachelor of Science Counseling Psychology
Click Here to Email Mrs. Munoz at emunoz@bisdtx.org