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Bastrop ISD leaders attend Google Education conference

In partnership with Friends of Texas Public Schools and Engage 2 Learn, BISD Superintendent Steve Murray attended the first of a three part series entitled Game Changers, a cohort of leaders in education who will come together three times this school year to explore organizational culture and innovation in teaching and learning. Joining Mr. Murray were Bastrop High School Principal, Jason Hewitt and Red Rock Elementary Principal, Laura Krcmar. 
The three were able to spend two days learning with leaders from Google Education through the lens of preparing students for a future job market and providing 21st century skills and experiences. District and campus leaders also spent time collaborating and idea sharing to create ways to both create and promote innovation in teaching and learning.  
"Learning how to be truly innovative and what that means and looks like has been powerful," Hewitt shared. "Viewing this in terms of what we already have in place within BISD and exploring how we can expand upon this as  a district and on our campuses will be a great benefit to our students." 
Superintendent, Steve Murray shared, "We have been exposed to some things here at Google that can have exciting applications for our staff and students. This has been accomplished through exposure to their folks and their culture, as.well as through networking with the 29 other school districts from across Texas represented here."